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Security Wale

Security Service Provider in Gandhinagar

Are you looking for Security Service Provider in Gandhinagar? We provide best Services for Security and House Keeping in Gandhinagar area. We have wide experience of serving security and house keeping service in Gandhinagar Government Office as well as in Private Offices. Contact us for Your Security Guard, Bouncer, Event Security, House Keeping requirement. 

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Security Service in Gandhinagar

Exploring Housekeeping and Security Service Provider in Gandhinagar? We Provide Security Guards, Bouncer, Event Security, House Keeper at Gandhinagar location. We are PSARA Licensed Agency for Serving in District of Gandhinagar.

In the fast-paced city of Gandhinagar, where commercial establishments, government institutions, and residential communities thrive, the need for reliable security services cannot be overstated. This article explores the specific security service requirements in Gandhinagar and highlights the importance of partnering with a professional security service provider to ensure the safety and protection of your assets, premises, and people.

There is frequent requirement of Office Staff, Office Helper, House Keeper, Security Guard in Gandhinagar due to city is known for Government Organization as well as Political Person homes are situated in Gandhinagar.

In Gandhinagar, where various sectors coexist and thrive, the importance of robust security services cannot be overlooked. By enlisting the expertise of a professional security service provider, you can protect your assets, ensure the safety of your employees and residents, and enjoy peace of mind. Invest in comprehensive security solutions tailored to Gandhinagar’s specific needs, and secure a brighter future for your business, institution, or residential complex.

Security Service Provider in Gandhinagar

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Securty & House Keeping Charges in Gandhinagar

Security Guard

Guard Starting from Rs. 14000 Per Month


Housekeeper Starting from Rs. 16000 Per Month


Security Bouncer Starting From Rs. 2000 Per 8 Hours

Office Clerk

Starting from Rs. 12,000 Per Month